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Academic history:

1989-1991: Auckland University

Master of Literature, in Anthropology conferred.

Thesis topic: "Prehistoric Settlement of the Western Bay of Plenty".   Based on 14 months archaeological fieldwork and investigation undertaken in the study area.


1984-1987: Otago University

Bachelor of Arts, in Anthropology conferred,

Post Graduate Diploma (Arts) in Anthropology conferred.


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O'Keeffe, M. 2001.  Looking at the ship under the City: The inconstant and the ICOMOS cultural tourism charter [online]. The Journal of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, Vol. 25: 109-111.


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Professional memberships:

1995-present: Member, ICOMOS New Zealand (International Council on Monuments and Sites)

2000-2002  Chairperson,

1998-2000, 2005-2010, 2015-2017 Secretary

1995-present   Board Member

1984-present: Member, New Zealand Archaeological Association

1993-present: Member, Maritime Archaeology Association of New Zealand

1987-present: Member, Royal Society of New Zealand

1994-95: Committee member, Wellington Branch, Archaeology section

2011-present: Member, Australasian Society of Historic Archaeologists

1999-present: Member, Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology

2000-2004, 2005-2006   Council Member

2006-2007: Board member, Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society

1998-2003: Appointed to Wellington Conservation Board

2003 Deputy Chair

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